Map Question

I showed the work-in-progress version of my map to several beta readers. Everyone really liked it and provided some great feedback. However, I was quite surprised to discover the range of interest readers have on maps in general. This varied from poring over in detail prior to starting a new book, to one reader who pretty much ignores maps entirely, preferring to visualize the world himself as he reads. What do you do? Which of the following best represents your view on maps while reading a new fantasy book (you can pick more than one)?

  1. I review the novel’s map in detail before starting, often looking for symbols or hints about the story
  2. I glance briefly at the map before reading
  3. I frequently refer to the map as I go
  4. I only occasionally refer to the map when needed
  5. I pretty much ignore the map entirely

Let me know by replying below. Thanks!


  1. ElizabethF says:

    I am one that doesn’t refer or rely on maps in a book. I will briefly refer to it if the characters are traveling throughout the story. However, I do like seeing the map inside the book, because it adds to the overall richness of a story.

  2. Ryan N. says:

    While I don’t usually refer back to maps while reading the story, I enjoy their aesthetic and its nice to have when I occasionally am curious about the geography. Mostly I look at it ahead of time so I would say I am a (2). Always happy to see a map in a book and would love to see it posted here

  3. Susan Abram says:

    I love maps in books ! I would have to say that I’m a (1) on the list as I constantly refer to a books map as I read. PLEASE include a map.