5 Star Editorial Review

I’m very proud to announce that Cathadeus has received a 5 STAR editorial rating from The iRead Review !!

“A vividly built world enhances this fast-paced adventure, engulfing the reader in a fantastic reality. Tension never falters as each scene holds new dangers, unexpected challenges and gripping revelations. From the very beginning, the author masterfully builds momentum for the approaching war, while establishing an emotional tie to characters from each threatened nation . . . Through all of this, he cleverly constructs layers of hidden secrets, allowing the threat of a darker evil to hover in the background. This makes Cathadeus the beginning of what promises to be an addictive and exciting series.”

Thanks so much to the great folks at The iRead Review for taking the time to read and rate Cathadeus, and for the terrific review. You’ve certainly made all of the hard work and ceaseless hours very worthwhile. Read the full review here.