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CATHADEUS: The Walking Gates (Book One)

Jeff J. Peters

Rating: ★★★★★(5 Star Review)

In this first book of The Walking Gates series, a young man’s journey to save his mother’s life leads him to the center of a war and unleashes a power within him that could decide the fate of the entire world.

Determined to save the life of his wounded mother after an unexpected attack on their town’s gates, Braxton Prinn embarks on a daring journey to seek the one elf who can help him. A dark evil is marching on the world, and Braxton, a man with no real aspirations, suddenly stands at the center of the battle, as he discovers a mystical, ancient power inside him that has everything to do with an approaching war. Not only must he learn to coexist with this power, he’s faced with the task of discovering who he is and who he now wants to become.

A vividly built world enhances this fast-paced adventure, engulfing the reader in a fantastic reality. Tension never falters as each scene holds new dangers, unexpected challenges and gripping revelations. From the very beginning, the author masterfully builds momentum for the approaching war, while establishing an emotional tie to characters from each threatened nation. Although the main focus remains on Braxton, this turns the final battle into a profound exploration of its devastating effects and allows tragedy to transpire on a personal level.

Braxton must not only come to terms with the ancient and mysterious power inside him but must also travel a difficult journey of self-discovery. His determination to protect those he loves collides with the needs of a greater good, and he must make decisions that require sacrificing everything he holds dear while redefining who is. This personal journey is interwoven within the larger story of the battle, with the author managing to strike a balance between the two. Through all of this, he cleverly constructs layers of hidden secrets, allowing the threat of a darker evil to hover in the background. This makes Cathadeus the beginning of what promises to be an addictive and exciting series.