Pre-Order Available – Release Date December 8th!

I’m happy to announce that Cathadeus will release on December 8th, and is now available for Pre-Order at the following sites:

Prologue Available

November 19th, 2017

I’ve updated the link below to now include the full Prologue, not just the first few pages. I hope you enjoy reading the opening to the story.

A number of folks have asked for a preview of the first chapter from Cathadeus, so I thought I’d provide a few pages from the Prologue (downloadable PDF). While not the entire opening, I hope it provides enough of the story to keep you interested until the book releases later this year. Enjoy.

Cover Reveal


Here it is! The final book cover for Cathadeus. I’m thrilled with the result and hope you enjoy it too. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged view and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Special thanks to Jorge Jacinto for doing such a fantastic job with the cover graphic (and other artwork on my site). Take a look at his outstanding work at his website.

Layout and Fonts

Updated on June 5th, 2017

As a follow-up from, here’s an example of the interior design, including the chapter heading, drop cap and main book font. I think it works really well, is easy on the eyes, and enhances the overall story. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version, and post a comment as to what you think?

I’m currently pouring through fonts, chapter headings, section breaks and other options with my publisher to select interior elements for my book. This is quite a fun and creative process that I’m really enjoying, and a nice break from all the editing I’ve been doing over the past couple of months. Once I have something selected and an example to show, I’ll post an update so you can see what the interior of the book will look like. Send a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions of styles from books you particular enjoyed reading.

Proofreading Completed

Well that was nice and quick. The proofreader did a great job going through line-by-line and providing excellent consistency changes, grammatical catches and other structural recommendations. I really enjoyed working with her and hope to have the opportunity to do so again on my future writing. Now that we’ve finished the proofreading process, we’re starting the layout of the interior of the book. I’m going to be printing some advanced reader copies (ARCs) for booksellers, reviews and other similar purposes. Not to mention providing to my beta readers, who are now flat out refusing to read another round of my story without having a physical book in hand. Should be a fun process.

Line Edit Completed

I finally completed the line edit, and it was certainly an interesting challenge. Not so much because of the story, but more because of some very specific differences in style between how I chose to write the book and the view of this particular editor. It was definitely different to the other editors who’ve read and provided similar proofing in the past. Anyway, glad to have it completed. Like all reviews and edits, I gained value from the process and incorporated changes I felt improved, rather than diminished, the story. Hopefully you agree. Next step is proofreading that will check similar structural items and general grammatical consistency. Looking forward to the results and to seeing what the new editor says.

Final Map

The map of Andorah (an-door-ah) is finally finished, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. The artist did a fantastic job! If you look back to my previous posts, you’ll see the evolution – from my sketched version, to a digital rendition, to this final artists drawing. Take a look below (click to enlarge) and post a comment to let me know what you think.

Beta Readers

Wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank my many beta readers, who’ve provided terrific suggestions, thoughts and encouragement. I’ve posted some of their comments on my site so you can see what they’ve said. Hopefully the rest of my readers will find the story equally as enjoyable. For those who read my book in the future, or read the opening chapter I’ll post in the coming months, feel free to provide some comments below. Good or bad, I’d like your feedback.

Line Editing

I received my manuscript back from the line editor and have been working through the suggested changes. Unfortunately, it took longer than I expected and due to some structural problems with the line edit itself, I had to restart my editing a couple of times. But things are going better now and I hope to have it completed within the next month or so. Once done, we’ll move on to proofing, then layout and finally printing. One step at a time, but at least we’re making progress.

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a joyful 2017. I hope it’s a happy and positive year for all. It’s a particular exciting new beginning for me, as this is the year in which my book will publish. So I begin with optimism, excitement and genuine interest to see the outcome. Thanks very much to those who’ve helped me get this far. It’s been a fun journey and, while definitely not over, whatever happens I’m grateful to those who’ve provided suggestions, edits and encouragement along the way. I hope it’s an equally thrilling beginning of something new for you as well. Post a comment on what you hope the year will bring.