Book Signing – Barnes & Noble

Join me at Barnes & Noble at the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale, Washington, on December 10th for a book signing! The first 10 people will receive a FREE $5 gift card to either Barnes & Noble or Starbucks. Your choice. You can use the B&N card immediately and take $5 off the already reduced price of the book, so pay only $14.95 for the hardcover version!

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a joyful 2017. I hope it’s a happy and positive year for all. It’s a particular exciting new beginning for me, as this is the year in which my book will publish. So I begin with optimism, excitement and genuine interest to see the outcome. Thanks very much to those who’ve helped me get this far. It’s been a fun journey and, while definitely not over, whatever happens I’m grateful to those who’ve provided suggestions, edits and encouragement along the way. I hope it’s an equally thrilling beginning of something new for you as well. Post a comment on what you hope the year will bring.