Questions & Answers – September 2018

I’ve been remiss in posting new Q&A updates. My only excuse is that I’ve been attending a number of book events and working to get Sotchek completed. Going forward though, I hope to post Q&A items on a more regular basis, so thanks for your patience.

Whenever I attend a book signing, one of the questions readers always ask about is the number of books I have planned for the series. So I thought I’d share my ideas in this month’s Q&A.

Question: How many books will there be in The Walking Gates series?

Answer: There are three books planned initially. This includes Cathadeus (available now), Sotchek, which will release next year, and a third book to follow afterwards. I also have plans for a fourth story that will occur later in time, in the same world of Andorah, but with a different set of characters. I’m not sure yet if this will be an additional book to The Walking Gates or the start of an entirely new series. We’ll just have to see how things are after book three.

Let me know if you have any questions you’d like answered in a future Reader Q&A and, as always, feel free to leave a comment below.